01/04/13 12:06
by Shahlin Graves

I guess now that Steve Buscemi has found out that he's a distant cousin of VAMPIRE WEEKEND bassist CHRIS BAIO, he has also decided to join the band?!

That seems to be the only logical explanation for him joining the band to hand out sweet treats - and perform his own solo rendition of VW's new single 'Diane Young' - at the 2013 Easter Bonnet Festival on 5th Avenue in New York City.


Or is this just what happens in New York on a daily basis?

I do not know...

P.S. If you missed it earlier:

"EXCITING NEWS - Chris Baio has been working on a family tree for months and just discovered he is a distant cousin of actor Steve Buscemi. He has reached out to Mr. Buscemi who was VERY EXCITED about the connection. We are thrilled about the potential for showbiz synergy. There is more exciting news to come! For now, look at these beautiful, long-lost cousins:"

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