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Win: a Lush 'Christmas In July' prize-pack.

Win: a Lush 'Christmas In July' prize-pack.

It’s no secret that we’re fans of Lush and all their delicious smelling products, but there are two flavours that we’re particularly fond of. The first is Snow Fairy - which was originally only a Christmas release, but they’ve just re-released it, so you can smell like candy all year round. The second is Sleepy - it’s the perfect pre-bed moisturiser, with an amazing scent of lavender (mixed with cocoa butter!) that will linger for hours.

To celebrate our favourite Lush products, we have two prize-packs to give away, each of which contains:
1 x Snow Fairy Shower Gel 500g
1 x Snow Fairy Body Conditioner 450g
1 x Sleepy Body Lotion 450g

Find out how to win the prize-pack below…


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2. Tell us what your favourite Lush product of all time is and why.

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