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Review: Lush x Valentine's Day 2018.

Review: Lush x Valentine's Day 2018.

Lush have recently released their brand new annual Valentine's Day collection for 2018, and it's full of pink and great smells - as expected!

Check out our review of the products in the collection below...​

Rose Bombshell bath bomb

One of my personal favourites from Lush's extensive bath bomb collection! The extremely relaxing rose aroma is enough to leave even the most stressed person relaxed. The unique pink colour and rose petals floating in the bath makes this bath bomb a must have for Valentine's!

Creamy Candy bubble bar

The light vanilla scent of this gentle bubble bar will make you never want to leave the bath. It's great for all skin types (even sensitive) and is loaded with cocoa butter to leave your skin feeling silky and smooth, and even has an adorable daisy in the centre!

Ro's Argan body conditioner

Packed with argan oil goodness and smells just like vanilla - it's amazing. The product is super moisturising and always leave the skin feeling super smooth and rejuvenated!
Unicorn Horn bubble bar

Arguably the cutest Lush bubble bar with the rainbow colours and the fact it's an actual unicorn horn - what is there not to love? This bubble bar is definitely an essential this Valentine's Day for bright pink water. Loads of essential oils and shimmer!

Tunnel Of Love soap

One of the few limited-edition Valentine's Day products, filled with cocoa butter and coconut oil for irresistibly smooth skin. The creamy white heart in the centre of the pink soap is also absolutely adorable. 

Rub Rub Rub body scrub

This is definitely one of the best LUSH products of all time. The scent is to die for and the scrub leaves your body super smooth and feeling brand new. The fine sea salt and fresh lemon juice leave for a refreshed and brightened look, perfect for these Summer months.  

Sex Bomb bath bomb

This classic bath bomb is definitely one of the most heavily loved by Lush fanatics and it's definitely in good reason. The aroma is unlike any other and getting out of the bath, your skin will feel so incredibly soft it's unreal. Definitely fits perfectly into the new Valentine's collection.  

Tender Is The Night naked shower cream

This limited-edition packaging free shower cream is definitely widely anticipated and widely loved. It cuts down on packaging usage and leaves your skin feeling amazing. The floral heaven scent is to die for and a must-have. 

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