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Review: 10 things I learned from a Years & Years show - The Metro Theatre, July 2015.

Review: 10 things I learned from a Years & Years show - The Metro Theatre, July 2015.

Since being heralded as the BBC Sound Of 2015, Years & Years have had a non-stop, incredible year - from releasing their much anticipated debut album ‘Communion’ (click HERE to read our review), to performing a number of sold-out UK tours, to finally making their way down under to play Splendour In The Grass, as well as two sideshows in both Melbourne and Sydney.

Coup De Main was lucky enough to attend their packed-out Sydney side-show at The Metro Theatre last night, and we have compiled a list of 10 things that we learned from the experience. Check them out below…

#1. The trio opened with ‘Foundation’, from which the pulsing beat led straight into ‘Take Shelter’. The two songs work together so well, it’s almost a shame they aren’t directly next to each other on the record as well.

#2. Olly’s dancing can be compared to so many things. At times it’s like an excitable puppy, at times a drunken toddler, or even a dancing monkey - but in the best possible way.

#3. Mikey Goldsworthy plays a plethora of instruments in the live setting - alternating between several synths, bass guitar, and a solo drum (à la Ellie Goulding).

#4. Emre kind of acts like the Dad of the group in a live setting as well. Olly would come near him and start dancing, as well as make small-talk between the songs, and Emre would push him back to start performing the next song. It was hilarious.

#5. Although their equipment and gear was delivered to the venue (they had to play with none of their own gear while at Splendour In The Grass), Mikey still had problems with one of his synthesisers. Luckily they didn’t let the problem phase them, and the show went on regardless.

#6. ‘Memo’ and ‘Eyes Shut’ were the slower moments in the show, however that didn’t mean they were any less great. Olly say behind the keyboard for both of these songs, giving each of the ballads more emotion and intimacy between him and the audience.

#7. “I wrote it after a guy dumped me,” is how Olly described ‘Ties’ before launching into the up-beat yet melancholy song - made even better live through live drums, courtesy of Dylan.

#8. Olly normally dances around the stage, while Emre and Mikey stay relegated behind their synths - but during the performance of ‘Real’ when Mikey played bass, he ventured out into Olly’s space, and it was adorable.

#9. Their sold-out show demanded an encore of their UK #1 single ‘King’, a song which led to over 1000 fans screaming the lyrics and dancing up and down - it felt like the entire venue was bouncing up and down.

#10. They loved the crowd so much that they took a selfie with everyone after their encore - but Olly explained his phone was broken so he couldn’t use it, which led to a phone being thrown on stage to take the photo with! That’s one dedicated fan.

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