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The Marías x Coup De Main = 'Submarine' zine!

The Marías x Coup De Main = 'Submarine' zine!

"I think fear dictates a lot of our decision-making as humans, and someone told me the other day that 100% of our decisions are emotional," ruminates The Marías frontwoman María Zardoya about powerful feelings. "Even the person who says, 'I'm gonna make the most logical decision about whether I'm going to do this or do that,' even that, in and of itself, trying to be logical, is an emotional response to control. Control stems from fear - it's fear of the unknown so you try to control it and then try to be logical about it. There's an emotion there, and I think fear is at the root of a lot of decisions because at the end of the day, we want to feel loved, we want to feel accepted, and I think we fear not being loved and not being accepted."

Distilling emotions into their purest form on their sophomore album, 'Submarine', the four-piece (which also includes drummer/producer Josh Conway, guitarist Jesse Perlman, and keyboardist Edward James) invited Coup De Main to their Los Angeles home studio recently to discuss the emotional precision of their songwriting, if there exists any healthy forms of co-dependency, and crystalline soul-searching...

On how her perception of love has changed, María explains: "You don't have to be romantic with somebody to have unconditional love. It can be a platonic love that you feel, and that love can evolve. It doesn't have to be the same your entire life - using the example of Josh and I, we're not romantically together anymore, but I feel like my love for Josh still continues to grow. I've learned that love is truly unconditional. I'm sure we've all had relationships where we don't talk to the people that we were in that previous relationship with, and that's all fine, sometimes that needs to happen. But other times, I feel like that's more of a possessiveness that if I can't have you romantically then I don't want you at all, and I don't think that love is possessive in that way. I think it's: 'If I can't have you romantically, I still love you, and I want you in my life.' I'm continuing to learn what it looks but that's definitely a lesson that I learned from 'Cinema' to 'Submarine'."

Josh adds: "We had a good year and a half of touring and then the other half was just living life as individuals. When we did come back to it, there were things that I think we both felt that were brought up again, but it was nowhere near as... it felt like the past if anything. And if it didn't feel like the past in the moment, then it did afterwards - it was a really healing thing to do because it's basically communication in a way with each other. Once you communicate and get these feelings out, then they become a thing of the past... The lyrics are the best part of our album, honestly, the vulnerability and openness. And I knew that when we were writing it. The art always comes first to me. It was rarely an issue for me to hear lyrics that maybe made me a little uncomfortable - if anything, my overwhelming feeling was, 'Wow, these are great lyrics, 10/10 times.'"

Coup De Main has collaborated with The Marías on a limited-edition 'Submarine' poster zine - click here to order now!


The Marías' new album 'Submarine' is out now.

Watch the 'Run Your Mouth' music video below...

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