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The 1975's George Daniel has broken his shoulder.

The 1975's George Daniel has broken his shoulder.

In a sad turn of events, everyone's favourite gentle giant George Daniel of The 1975 has broken his shoulder, meaning he's currently sitting out on their tour across America.

Apparently the accident happened as George slipped exiting the tour bus, according to their manager Jamie:

Matty had the following to say about the accident:

In the meantime, THE JAPANESE HOUSE's drummer Freddy Sheed will fill in for George - and he learnt their entire set-list in 24 hours.

Check out a cute pic that Freddy posted from the show tonight - featuring George on stage briefly.

According to Matty, George will be at some shows working from the mixing desk helping!! So cute.

Matty also posted a cute Snapchat of George walking along, clearly in pain, on his way to go work from the mixing desk:

GET BETTER SOON, GEORGE!! Sending you all the good vibes.

Watch the 'A Change Of Heart' music video…

P.S. Read our cover-story on The 1975 HERE.

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