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Disclosure feat. Lorde - 'Magnets' music video.

Disclosure feat. Lorde - 'Magnets' music video.

Disclosure and Lorde have released their music video for 'Magnets', about which a badass Ella Yelich-O'Connor says that she has now fulfilled one of her life goals, "to one day play a hitgirl who pretends to seduce then burns alive douchey boyfriends".

About the video, Lorde says:

"wow this video came out dark af i can’t remember us grading it that dark ..!

the most important detail is the girlfriend’s black eye, when she’s by the window.. watch it with that moment in mind. that’s the point the whole video hinges on / takes it from being “an affair narrative” to being “dude’s girlfriend hired miss ella the hit girl to ‘seduce’ him then take him the FUCK out”

anyway enjoy <3"

Watch the 'Magnets' music video below...

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