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Must-listen: I Don’t Know How But They Found Me - 'Choke'.

Following up their debut single 'Modern Day Cain', I Don’t Know How But They Found Me have now dropped a second song, 'Choke', which just happens to be Coup De Main’s personal favourite from the IDK album preview we got to listen to earlier this year.

Dallon Weekes is on top-form in 'Choke', masterfully delivering a one-two-punch in song-form - acerbic one-liners dripping in sarcasm, dramatically soundtracked by a brilliant key-change and stupendous hook.  

About the new song, Weekes has said: "I wrote ‘Choke’ to sort through how disenchanted I had become with living in Los Angeles. I still love L.A. a lot, but it’s never felt like home for me. It can be a difficult culture to navigate if you don’t have any desire to fit in."

Watch a lyric video for 'Choke' below...

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