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Foals shares videos for ‘White Onion’ and ‘Moonlight’.

Foals shares videos for ‘White Onion’ and ‘Moonlight’.

Fresh off the foot of the release of the first of their 2019 albums - ‘Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost - Part 1’ - Foals have released music videos for both ‘White Onions’ and ‘Moonlight’.

‘White Onions’ may have more of the classic sound that fans of the band have come to expect, and the video - shot in the style of an old-fashioned camera - features the members performing the song with high energy in a small studio room. We feel like we are getting up close and intimite with them in their highly charged rendition of the song.

‘Moonlight’ is a lot more ethereal and soft, with more electric sounds creeping in - contrasting with the seemingly live nature of the performance in the previously mentioned video. Watch the video below:

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