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Halsey teases tour dates via newspapers...

Halsey teases tour dates via newspapers...

Halsey has been continuing to mystify fans, this time leaving a copy of ‘The Kingdom Times’ on fans’ doorsteps, with articles written about the Orpheus Tunnel event - as seen in her ‘Now Or Never’ music video - as well as an announcement of the album’s track-listing, which includes features from Lauren Jauregui, Quavo, and Cashmere Cat.

The dates on the newspapers also appear to be specific to different cities, hinting at upcoming tour dates for the ‘Hopeless Fountain Kingdom’ tour - following the album’s release on June 2nd.

So far, the dates appear to be as follows:

Boston - October 6
Philadelphia - Saturday, October 7
Washington D.C. - October 9
Pittsburg - October 10
Jersey - October 14
Miami - October 21
Los Angeles - November 3
San Diego - Sunday, November 5
Seattle - Friday, November 10
Detroit - November 21

And here’s the album track-listing:

Check out some of the newspapers below…

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