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Behind the scenes of the Met Gala with Harry Styles, Florence Welch and Jared Leto.

The Met Gala is one of the most hotly anticipated fashion events of the year, with people all across the globe tuning in to see what the invited celebrities deck themselves out in to fit with the theme.

This year the theme of the gala was ‘Camp’ - defined by Susan Sontag as playing with style, theatricalisation, irony, exaggeration and artifice; it is a set of aesthetic principles rather than a subject. And as an art-form of expression has a history of being deeply rooted within LGBTQ performance (i.e. drag) and queer culture, some felt that the gala didn't quite do enough to honour this in terms of acknowledgement, or in the invitees. 

Unfortunately, for many, a lot of the outfits that appeared on the carpet didn’t quite meet the requirements for a camp sensibility - with only a few designers and celebrities managing to hit the mark (thank the lord for Janelle Monáe!).

Gucci have released a short five-minute video featuring the behind-the-scenes work that went in over the period of a few months to design the outfits they made for Harry Styles, Florence Welch, and Jared Leto. Check it out below…