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Hunter Schafer on the cover of Allure, September 2020.

Hunter Schafer on the cover of Allure, September 2020.

Hunter Schafer features on two different covers for Allure magazine's September 2020 issue, as photographed by Daniella Midenge and styled by Nicola Formichetti.

Schafer on identity politics being sensationalised by the media: "Even right now, I have to filter what I say, because more often than not I’ve found that when I say the T-word, whatever sentence that is becomes a headliner. Not only do I think that’s so boring and so predictable, it’s, like, such a fraction [of my life]. It feels sensational. It feels like it’s prone to getting sensationalized. I also understand the need for dialogue on it."

And on campaigning for real change in the world: "I feel like with a lot of white celebrities in particular who do benefit from their whiteness and white supremacy, and by proxy the oppression of Black people, they need to be speaking in these moments or to be active in some way,” Schafer says. “Part of that is using your platform or giving it to someone else, but I also think our voices aren’t necessary in this. There’s also a way to quietly do your part, and a lot of that has to do with allocating funds to the right people. It’s going to be [about] finding some direct action with your body and interrogating your whiteness. None of that is Instagrammable."

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