Review: M·A·C Cosmetics x Liptensity 2.

Review: M·A·C Cosmetics x Liptensity 2.

M·A·C Cosmetics are back with another round of the well-loved and popular 'Liptensity' collection, with the new 'Liptensity 2'. In the new collection, there are nine new shades, and three shades from the last collection that are so great they just had to bring them back. The Liptensity lipsticks are fan favourites for their super pigment and colour intensity, which makes them so unique!

MAC Liptensity - Well-Bred Brown

The brand new Liptensity shade is the perfect brown shade. The colour is very on-trend and in demand at the moment with brown lipstick being said to be the lipstick colour for the Fall season. The shade works on every skin tone and is a must-have in every lipstick collection. 

MAC Liptensity - Ginger Rose

A light rose pink shade that works well for everyone, and the smooth creamy formula allows for easy application to the lips. This shade can also be worn at both day and night - perfect for any occasion. 

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