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5 reasons you should see Alt-J live in Auckland this September.

5 reasons you should see Alt-J live in Auckland this September.

Alt-J are finally returning to New Zealand later this year, with their new record 'The Dream', as part of The Dream Tour. The group will be performing at Auckland's Spark Arena on Saturday, 17th of September. 

Tickets to Alt-J's Auckland show on sale now. 

#1. This will be the first time that Alt-J return to New Zealand since 2017 (which when you think about it, was 5 years ago!) so this may be your only chance to check them out live for a little while...


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#2. The band will be performing at Auckland's largest arena, Spark Arena, with their incredible live show filling the venue. Check out their highly-viewed full set from Bluedot festival to get a glimpse of what you'll be in for...

#3. Their 2017 NPR Tiny Desk Concert is an insight into how the band are masters of both large and acoustic scales.

#4. The band have also got some pretty funky merchandise to check out at the show... in the meantime you can see what they've got available here to get a sneak peek into what you can expect at the show.

#5. Rest assured that the band will most likely be playing through some of their hits from throughout the years including 'Breezeblocks', 'Tessellate', and one of their latest tunes, 'Hard Drive Gold'.

Purchase tickets to Alt-J's Auckland show here

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