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Clairo announces 'Sling' album tracklist.

Clairo announces 'Sling' album tracklist.

Clairo has today shared the tracklist for her upcoming album, 'Sling', which was co-produced with Jack Antonoff and is out next Friday, July 16th.

About the album's inspiration, Clairo has said: "Joanie, my dog, opened up my world in ways I didn’t think were capable. By caring for her, it forced me to face my own thoughts about parenthood and what it would mean to me. stories as lessons, regrets as remorse.. thinking about something/someone before yourself. It’s a glimpse into a world where I found that domesticity is what I was missing."

'Sling' tracklist:
1. Bambi
2. Amoeba
3. Partridge
4. Zinnias
5. Blouse
6. Wade
7. Harbor
8. Just For Today
9. Joanie
10. Reaper
11. Little Changes
12. Management

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