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EDEN releases sophomore album 'no future'.

EDEN releases sophomore album 'no future'.

EDEN today shares his sophomore album, 'no future', a 19-track release which follows his debut record 'vertigo' from 2018.

On the new album, EDEN (Jonathon Ng) delves into themes around anxiety, the toxicity of social media, while also touching on the looming threat of climate crisis.

About the album track 'isohel', EDEN shared, “Isohel’s are lines on a weather map that connect all the areas that receive equal sunlight. Light and sunlight have been an odd obsession for me since I was a teenager; I’ve always felt like I was moving toward some unreachable horizon. The song ‘isohel’ is about wishing the best for the people you’ve left behind but knowing that you’re probably better off where you are now.”

Though touching on tough ideas, there are moments of optimism like in the interlude 'out', which includes a voice declaring, "We're gonna keep going, and, see what happens...We still remain optimistic..."

The album's closing track 'untitled' sees EDEN reflecting and reaching moments of clarity (singing in the chorus, "There is nothing we can't do, right?"), and features some children singing in the outro of the song.

The album, like all of his music, was fully written, recorded, and produced by EDEN at his home studio in Dublin.

Listen to the new album in full below...

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