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Listen: Forrest Nolan's new song 'Second Base'.

Listen: Forrest Nolan's new song 'Second Base'.

"I've been catching feelings now," reflects Forrest Nolan in new song, 'Second Base' - an introspective song he says is about "making it to second base with your feelings after a breakup πŸ₯ˆπŸ˜”❀️".

About the song, Nolan further explains: "The relationship had just reached its three year mark when we broke up. The first week I remember feeling numb; indifferent to what had happened. The second week I cried myself to sleep every night. I guess you could say I made it to second base."

Watch the music video for 'Second Base' below, starring Nolan's adorable niece and nephew, and directed by his brother Christopher Nolan (yes, that's his real name)...

P.S. There's also a cute dog involved.

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