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Hazel English - 'Five and Dime' music video.

Hazel English - 'Five and Dime' music video.

Hazel English has shared a wonderfully nostalgic music video for 'Five And Dime' - a highlight from Hazel's debut album 'Wake UP!' released earlier this year.

About the video, Hazel says: "'Five and Dime' is about longing for escape and freedom so I thought it would be fun to create an idyllic beach vacation, constructed from a set with cardboard cut out waves and fake palm trees. The idea behind it is that while I'm fantasising about escaping to a tropical place, it's clear I'm just kind of stuck in this pretend version of it. I wanted to evoke the nostalgia of Hollywood musicals from the '50s and '60s, complete with dance choreography and bright colourful costumes."

Watch the 'Five and Dime' music video below...

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