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Introducing: JDM Global + his debut single 'Cake'.

Introducing: JDM Global + his debut single 'Cake'.

"I am a firm believer in the idea that everything happens for a reason," declares producer Josh Mehling, formerly of Toast with Claud / presently a quarter of the Shelly super-band that unites him musically with Clairo, Claud, and Noa Frances Getzug (think The Avengers level supremacy, but with their super power being friendship). "I think certain people are placed in your life with a purpose. For me, deciding to make the first move in any type of relationship can also feel like luck because I can never really control how I’m feeling in those moments. All of a sudden, a wave of confidence could come over me, and it changes the course of that relationship forever."

Having just released his debut solo song as JDM Global, Mehling further explains that the hooky single 'Cake' is "about meeting someone you might be interested in for the first time and not knowing who’s going to make the first move." He says that such situations would definitely be easier if he was telepathic, but that he'd also be scared of knowing too much. "Mind reading could be such a blessing and a curse. I’m picturing some crazy way it could backfire, like in a 'Black Mirror' episode. I think ignorance is bliss in these kinds of situations."

As his first effort at writing and singing over one of his own instrumentals, 'Cake' launches JDM Global for Mehling. "The name came about for a bunch of different reasons. I wanted a name that sounded like it was a lot bigger than just me, something I could hide behind a little bit. Someone told me that it sounded like a company, and I thought that was funny and ran with it. The whole ethos around this artist project is about togetherness and finding a sense of community through music, and I wanted that to be a big part of the name too."

Mehling co-produced 'Cuff Your Jeans' and 'Pepsi' on Claud's iridescent 'Super Monster' album, as well as the closer, 'Falling With The Rain', which features Shelly. "Claire, Claud, Noa and I are all best friends, and when the pandemic first hit, we were all kind of looking for something creative to do while we were stuck in our houses. We were in four different cities but just started sending ideas and different instrumental parts in a group chat. No one has a set role, which is the best part. I’m so inspired by how talented the three of them are. They’re all able to do so many different things. Making these Shelly songs was the most fun thing ever." And when asked if there's more Shelly music in the works or on the way, Mehling coyly replies, "Stay tuned to find out!"

Looking to the future, Mehling says: "I have some more JDM Global stuff in store that I think will be great for the summer time. I also want to keep producing for others way more, too... I’m still trying to improve each day as a producer and musician, and I feel like I learn something new every time I try to make music that changes the whole way I go about a song."

And as for his favourite kind of cake? "Honestly, my favourite is probably cookie cake. I know that’s controversial because I feel like a lot of people don’t consider it to be a true form of cake. But, I think every single one of my birthdays growing up, I asked for a cookie cake. It’s just a legendary combination of two of the best dessert options out there."

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