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Maya Hawke announces debut album 'Blush'.

Maya Hawke announces debut album 'Blush'.

Maya Hawke (yes, your fave; Robin of 'Stranger Things') has announced that she will be releasing her debut album 'Blush' on June 19th, with new song 'By Myself' out now - following up last year's 'Stay Open' and 'To Love A Boy'.

About the album, Hawke says: "This album happened accidentally. From my point of view, 'Blush' is a collection of secret messages, hidden communications with the people in my life."

And here's the album tracklist:
1. Coverage
2. By Myself
3. A River Like You
4. Menace
5. Hold The Sun
6. Bringing Me Down
7. Cricket
8. Stay Open
9. Catch Me
10. Rose and Thorn
11. To Love A Boy
12. Goodbye Rocket Ship

Watch the music video for 'By Myself' below...

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