Mini Mansions to play in Sparks’ live-band.

Mini Mansions have been mostly keeping to themselves in 2017 so far, but they’ve just resurfaced to be announced as part of the backing-band for Sparks’ upcoming performance at BBC Radio 6 Music Festival 2017 - in support of the forthcoming new Sparks album, 'Hippopotamus'.

"Meet the band that will be accompanying Ron and Russell at the upcoming gig at BBC Radio 6 Music Festival in Glasgow next week!"

Vocals: Russell Mael
Keyboards: Ron Mael
Bass: Zach Dawes (Mini Mansions)
Drums: Stevie Nistor (Sparks, Daniel Lanois, Sparklehorse)
Keyboards: Tyler Parkford (Mini Mansions)
Guitar: Michael Shuman (Mini Mansions, Queens Of The Stone Age)

Guitar: Evan Weiss (Junk)

Watch Sparks’ announcement video below, featuring some rehearsal footage...



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