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Coup De Main's 'True Jams' playlist update: 03/08/21

Coup De Main's 'True Jams' playlist update: 03/08/21

New to the Coup De Main TRUE JAMS playlist this week for you is:

Don't Go Dark - Bleachers
Happier Than Ever - Billie Eilish
forever&more - Role Model
Oh Honey! (I Love You) - Peach Tree Rascals
Secret Life - Bleachers feat. Lana Del Rey
Getting Older - Billie Eilish
Hotel Room - Forrest Nolan
Locust Laced - Sleigh Bells
Control! - Trella
I Don't Really Know - Floor Cry
Friend - Valley Palace
Moneymaker - Chloe Parché
Megan Fox - Kezia
Hungry Ghost - Wormy feat. Samia
Shrug - Lunar Vacation
Invitation To A Beheading - Janna Jamison
Boyfriend (10th Anniversary Edition) - Best Coast
The Lakes (Original Version) - Taylor Swift
As You Are - Samia

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