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Coup De Main x Orcon = a Halloween '17 Internet special.

Coup De Main x Orcon = a Halloween '17 Internet special.

To celebrate one of our favourite times of year - Halloween - we’ve teamed up with our Internet-friends Orcon to bring you some of our all-time favourite Halloween-related online happenings. From ‘Stranger Things’ to general Halloween pranks, we’ve got you covered.

Check it all out below…

#1. Some of the ’Stranger Things’ cast appeared on The Ellen Show, where they played a very stressful game of ‘One-Eyed Monster’ - which teamed up Finn Wolfhard with Caleb McLaughlin, and Noah Schnapp with Gaten Matarazzo. Watch it below:

#2. On the topic of ‘Stranger Things’, the Netflix show’s second season is out NOW! You can binge-watch all nine episodes on Netflix now, and we would thoroughly recommend you do it. Right now. Watch the season’s trailer below…

#3. The Internet is in a flurry over ‘Couples Costumes’ for Halloween, where two items are paired together, often from popularised memes or pop culture - and below are a selection of our favourites:

#4. Every year, celebrities continue to amaze us with their Halloween costumes - and we’ve gathered some of our favourites below for your amusement:


#5. Elijah Wood is one of those celebrities, and he dressed up as ‘Stranger Things’ Eleven last year. Watch him discuss the costume with Conan below:

P.S. Orcon has launched a new website and Orcon Power and Mobile along with it! Check out the latest here.

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