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Coup De Main x Orcon = catching up on January 2018.

Coup De Main x Orcon = catching up on January 2018.

It’s officially 2018 - which means a brand new year in which there’s likely to be a whole lotta Internet goodness happening. From new music, to new television series', we’ve gathered together some highlights from January for you with our friends at Orcon - check it all out below…

#1. If you are looking for anything to binge watch on Netflix, we have got you 100% covered, as I just spent the whole weekend watching ‘The End Of The F**king World’, and it’s SO GOOD. It’s truly the best show you’ll have watched in a long time - and without giving anything away, just watch the trailer below…

#2. Dua Lipa has followed up her iconic ‘New Rules’ music video from last year with something even better, in the form of her ‘IDGAF’ video. It sees double-Duas in dance formation in opposing coloured suits, and it’s visually stunning.

#3. The ‘Stranger Things’ children recently appeared on the red carpet at the Golden Globes, where they discuss potentials for Season Three, their strange talents, and more.

Watch their interview below:

#4. The Neighbourhood have just dropped their brand new ‘To Imagine’ EP, following up the ‘Hard’ EP of last year - and we can’t stop listening to it.

#5. If you’re as obsessed with ‘Call Me By Your Name’ as we are, then you’ll be pleased to know that there now exists a music video for the Sufjan Stevens song ‘Mystery Of Love’, which is made up of footage from the film. Watch it below:

P.S. Orcon has launched a new website and Orcon Power and Mobile along with it! Check out the latest here.

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