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Listen: Raissa shares new single 'Go Fast Baby'.

Listen: Raissa shares new single 'Go Fast Baby'.

Raissa has shared a new single, 'Go Fast Baby', her first official release on Mark Ronson's Zelig Records, lifted from her upcoming debut EP 'Herogirl' set for release later this year.

About the new song Raissa shares: “On ‘GO FAST BABY,’ I’m talking directly to the people who were shitty to me and held me back from reaching my potential. I’m telling them, ‘I’m out of here and you can’t stop me, I’m so far beyond where you thought I would be.’”

About the EP, Raissa says: “I want people to feel big, like they take up space. That’s a good thing. It’s about big feelings and defining yourself by what you like and what excites you, about becoming your own hero and everyone can do that. You are not an inconvenience. There’s room for you at the hero table."

Watch the music video for 'Go Fast Baby' below...

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