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A Rex Orange County x 'Who Cares?' appreciation post.

A Rex Orange County x 'Who Cares?' appreciation post.

Rex Orange County has just released his fourth album, 'Who Cares?', which is the follow-up to his 2019 release, 'Pony'. After releasing hit tracks like 'Keep It Up' and 'Amazing', we couldn't be more excited for the world to hear the rest of the album.

So in honour of release day, we are celebrating...

#1. The awesome new visuals that we've got the chance to see with the 'Who Cares?' album release including the thumb and dalmatian mascots...

#2. The tight-knit friendship that Rex and Tyler, The Creator have is insanely adorable.

#3. One of the most exciting parts of a new album release is the fact that we get to see Rex live on tour - he is performing in Auckland on September 2nd and Wellington on September 3rd!

#4. The new music videos for the singles 'Amazing' and 'Keep It Up' are highlights of this new Rex era.

#5. Rex also has some super great merchandise along with the new album, and we have a feeling there is more to come! 

Rex Orange County's 'Who Cares?' album is out now - listen to it below:

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