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The Rex Orange County songs that we're most excited to see live.

The Rex Orange County songs that we're most excited to see live.

It's almost time for Rex Orange County to hit New Zealand shores, and we couldn't be more excited to get to hear the new album live. Rex hasn't been to NZ since he performed at Laneway Festival, so we can't wait to see him again at Spark Arena with some of the newer music and some of the older tunes. 

To distract us while we count down the days, we've listed the top five songs we're most excited to get to hear live...

#1. 'ONE IN A MILLION' - one of the singles from his 'WHO CARES?' album that is super incredible live, check out his performance of the song on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert:

#2. 'Television / So Far So Good' - if it's even possible, this track is even better live than the recorded version, we're super excited to get to hear this one in a crowd!

#3. 'Edition' - there is a super adorable video of Rex playing the song with a lucky fan that is an absolute must-watch:

#4. 'AMAZING' - this song from the new record has an ultra cute video so we can't wait see what visuals accompany this track at Spark Arena! 

#5. 'Loving Is Easy' - a classic Rex Orange County tune that you'll be so disappointed you miss out on seeing when you see those videos later on... check out his performance from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon below:

Rex Orange County will perform in Auckland, New Zealand, at Spark Arena on Friday, September 2nd. Click here for more info.

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