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Listen: Big Red Machine's new song 'Renegade' featuring Taylor Swift.

Listen: Big Red Machine's new song 'Renegade' featuring Taylor Swift.

Following Big Red Machine announcing their new album, 'How Long Do You Think It’s Gonna Last?', Aaron Dessner and Justin Vernon have today shared the Taylor Swift-featuring 'Renegade' - which was recorded in Los Angeles at the Kitty Committee studio in March 2021 (the same week that Swift and Dessner took home the Grammy for Album Of The Year with 'Folklore'.

About the new song, Dessner says: "While we were making folklore and evermore last year, Taylor and I sometimes talked about experimenting and writing songs together some day for Big Red Machine. Making music with your friends just to make it -- that's how Big Red Machine started and has grown -- and that's how Renegade came about too. This song was something we wrote after we finished evermore and it dawned on us that this was a BRM song. Taylor's words hit me so hard when I heard her first voice memo and still do, every time. Justin lifted the song further into the heavens, and my brother [Bryce Dessner]'s strings and drummer Jason Treuting add so much. The feeling and sound of this song feel very much at the heart of ‘How Long Do You Think It's Gonna Last?’ I'm so grateful to Taylor for continuing to share her incredible talent with me and that we are still finding excuses to make music together."

And in an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music today, Dessner said about a second song also featuring Swift: "There's another song called 'Birch' that's really, really stunning that she sings and is a big part of with Justin and… Justin sort of leads the charge, but she's a huge part of it and it's a duet then. And I think there's no real lines being drawn as far as when... I kind of hope we never stopped writing songs together because it's so fun and so illuminating all the time."

'How Long Do You Think It’s Gonna Last' tracklist:
Latter Days (feat. Anaïs Mitchell)
Phoenix (feat. Fleet Foxes and Anaïs Mitchell)
Birch (feat. Taylor Swift)
Renegade (feat. Taylor Swift)
The Ghost of Cincinnati
Hoping Then
Mimi (feat. Ilsey)
Easy to Sabotage (feat. Naeem)
Hutch (feat. Sharon Van Etten, Lisa Hannigan, and Shara Nova [My Brightest Diamond])
8:22am (feat. La Force)
June’s a River (feat. Ben Howard and This Is The Kit)
New Auburn (feat. Anaïs Mitchell)

Listen to 'Renegade' below...

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