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Little Mix throw a 'Wonderland' magazine limo party.

Little Mix throw a 'Wonderland' magazine limo party.

Little Mix have basically acted out my childhood Princess dreams for their latest interview with Wonderland Magazine interview - featuring more tiaras, fur jackets and pink than any girl could ask for.

Among the limo rides and endless balloons, the interview sees the girls talk about girl power, body image and inspiring younger women.

As explained by Jade: “When we were growing up, we had Destiny’s Child and The Spice Girls, but then there seemed to be a huge gap where there wasn’t really anyone around to inspire young women in the same way.”

Leigh-Anne then goes on to talk bout girl power: “It’s so refreshing to see females owning it right now. Girl power is what we’re about. It’s what we stand for as a group. We want to do everything we can to make women feel better about themselves.”

While this is what Jesy said about body image: “We’ve had mums come up to us and literally thank us for making the music that we do, saying that, since listening to Little Mix, their daughters have been happier and more confident in themselves.”

Check out more images from the photoshoot below... 

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