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An online accompaniment to CDM #5 - The Truth Zine.

An online accompaniment to CDM #5 - The Truth Zine.

The theme of this month's DIY zine is 'truth' and we have contributions this month from guest curators: Aly & AJ, Blackstarkids, Justine Skye, Lydia Night / The Regrettes, and Savannah Lee Smith. 

Exclusively for this print zine, each guest curator has put together two pages relating to what truth means to them. 

+ thank you to Wyatt Knowles for designing the cover of this month's zine!

Here's a li'l rundown of our curators this month: 

Sister pop duo, Aly & AJ, will be dropping the deluxe edition of their fourth studio-album ‘a touch of the beat gets you up on your feet gets you out and then into the sun' early next year. The pair are also going on tour next year, so make sure to catch that! 

The band got their start in Kansas City when they all met at around 16-years-old. The group consists of The Babe Gabe, TyFaizon, and Deiondre. Their newest video 'I HATE BEING IN LOVE' shows off all the reasons we love them... 

Brooklyn-born artist, Justine Skye, was signed to her first label at just 17 years old, and now at 26 years old, her third studio-album 'Space & Time' (which is produced by Timbaland) is her self-described "bad bitch manual."

Speaking on the album, Skye says: “My story and my sound finally unite. I’ve never been as vulnerable or as candid as I am on this album. I’m really laying it all out, having fun, talking shit, and being me.”

The Los Angeles based band began in music school when they were just teens. Now, their latest single 'Monday' is inspired by and written over the last year’s pandemic lockdown, and features a trippy video taking place at a high school prom. 

Frontwoman Lydia Night shares about the video: “The video introduces 'Joy' – a spooky pink character representing the false image of one’s ‘perfect and ideal self’ which began to taunt me and I think many people in middle school. She will be an ongoing character and theme in music to come. We had a blast making it with some of our besties.”

Savannah Lee Smith is one of the latest stars of the reboot HBO show, 'Gossip Girl'. Smith portrays Monet De Haan who runs the school and we discussed all things 'Gossip Girl', and got the whole truth and nothing but the truth in our quickfire Q&A.

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