Interview: Nick Hargrove on 'Charmed' Season 2.

Interview: Nick Hargrove on 'Charmed' Season 2.

Nick Hargrove first caught everyone's attention in the first season of the 'Charmed' reboot last year, through his portrayal of Parker Caine - who's revealed to be half-demon partway through the season, giving Hargrove a whole other aspect of his character to learn and grow into.

Now back with the second season of the show (which is airing right now), we caught up with Hargrove in Los Angeles ahead of the new season's premiere to discuss his character Parker, memories from filming, and more...

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COUP DE MAIN: This version of ‘Charmed’ is a lot more tied in with current issues in the world today - do you enjoy being involved in a show that’s touching on current political issues?
NICK HARGROVE: I think it is cool to be a part of something that is relevant in today’s culture. I think we all look to television and stories to make sense of the world we’re living in. The world can feel very divided at times, and I think our show does a great job of being inclusive of a diverse group of people and ideas.

CDM: Do you think it’s important for television to explore things like this?
NICK: I think good art and story-telling always comes from a strong point of view. And I think it’s also important to always put a lens on ourselves and our society. I think television, and story-telling in general, is a good vehicle to examine those things.

CDM: Your character Parker is half-human, half-demon, and is constantly dealing with this inner struggle between good and evil. Do you enjoy being able to express this struggle in your portrayal of Parker?
NICK: It’s been a lot of fun exploring both the good and evil sides of Parker. I think all of us are capable of both good and evil, depending on the situation we find ourselves in, so it makes for a more realistic character. I think it also provides more dimension to the character. And playing evil is always fun!

CDM: In what ways do you think that you’re similar/different to Parker?
NICK: I think Parker at his core is searching for love and connection with his father, mother and Maggie. I think he also has parts of himself that he wants to work and improve on. I share those things with him. My mom is also a doctor like his. We’re different in that I like to think I’m a bit more decisive and independent in my decision-making, whereas Parker relies a little too heavily on the, often misguided, advice of the people around him.

CDM: Do you think that the world would be a better or worse place if magic was real?
NICK: Depends on who got their hands on it! It seems like we, as a species, seem to always be looking for more powerful weapons against each other in war. So maybe worse? But it would also be really cool if magic was real. So maybe also better?

CDM: What’s been your favourite memory or anecdote from filming ‘Charmed’?
NICK: Sarah [Jeffrey] and I had a lot of scenes where Parker opens the door on the porch of the Vera house to see Maggie. That sounds pretty lame, but those were always hilarious to shoot because they were super dramatic scenes. But every time I opened the door I was expecting Sarah to be grinning, trying to make me laugh.

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CDM: As well as ‘Charmed’, you’ve starred in ‘Counterpart’ and a couple of short films. How do you find working in other environments compared to the ‘Charmed’ one?
NICK: Every set has its own vibe or tone. That can also vary sometimes from episode to episode. On 'Charmed', there is a different director each episode, and the directors plays a pretty big part in setting the tone of the set. Bigger productions can also mean bigger budgets, which means there might be a little more pressure.

CDM: What do you look for when choosing which roles you want to explore?
NICK: I look for something about the character that speaks to me or I can relate to. Sometimes it’s a specific trait or experience they are going through that resonates. It's important to have a good script, to see how the character is written and also who is directing. Early on in your career though, you really don’t have too much say in the roles you get. You can always say no to projects, but you really have to fight to get parts that you do want.

CDM: Are there any types of roles you’d like to do more of in the future?
NICK: It’s been a lot of fun to lean into Parker’s darker side. I think playing the antagonist is always fun. It’s fun trying to figure out what might drive a character to do things or make choices that myself as Nick wouldn’t do. The characters I find most interesting in film and television are the ones that sort of live in the morally grey area. The ones where you’re not really sure if they’re good or bad.

CDM: Have you watched the new season of ‘Dark’ yet?
NICK: I rewatched Season 1 before watching Season 2. Then rewatched all of Season 1 and 2 again. I’m obsessed with that show. Everything about it is incredible. The casting, the acting, the writing, and of course all of the philosophical concepts it goes into.

CDM: You used to do auditions when you were younger, but then only came back to it after graduating - what was it about that time that made you feel ready to enter the entertainment industry properly?
NICK: Growing up I had pretty bad anxiety. I still do, but I think when I was younger it prevented me from doing things I would have loved to try, or to continue doing, such as acting. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve started exploring what causes my anxiety. And as I continue to learn more about it and work on it, it's allowed me to be more confident in myself to try things that originally terrified me, like acting.

CDM: Outside of acting, I notice that you often play guitar as well! Has music been something you’ve always been interested in?
NICK: Music has always been something that I’ve gone to for solace. It’s only been more recently, having started to learn to play the guitar and taking vocal lessons, that I’ve opened up to the idea of creating it myself. There was even a time in college where I thought I might want to create electronic music. My taste in music has changed a lot and is pretty eclectic though. Now that I’m playing guitar, I find myself listening to more 70s and 80s rock, alternative and sort of folky rock music like Mumford & Sons.


'Charmed' Season 2 airs weekly on NEON - watch the trailer below...