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A Wallows x 'Model' appreciation post.

A Wallows x 'Model' appreciation post.

Wallows have officially dropped their third studio album 'Model'. Members Dylan Minnette, Braeden Lemasters, and Cole Preston created the album alongside producer John Congleton, and recorded most of the record at the legendary Sunset Sounds. Minnette shares: "For this one we wanted to keep it experimental but also create the most concise record we could possibly make."

#1. The music videos for the record and the visuals in its entirety might be the strongest yet for a Wallows release - check out the videos for 'Calling After Me', ' You (Show Me Where My Days Went)', and 'Your Apartment'.

#2. The band will be bringing their 'Model Tour' to New Zealand with their biggest show in Auckland yet at Spark Arena.

#3. This plastic sleeve that comes with the vinyl of the record is awesome - we're obsessed!

#4. The band have been doing performances across the globe at record stores and also even did an Amazon Music City Session which you can watch a snippet of below...

#5. The trio chatted to Apple Music ahead of the album release and gave some insight in the world of the new record - listen here

Wallows' new album 'Model' is out now - listen below:

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