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Coup De Main x Orcon - looking back on January 2017.

Coup De Main x Orcon - looking back on January 2017.

Because we are huge fans of spending all our time watching videos, listening to music, stalking people on Instagram... all on the Internet, we’ve decided to compile some of our favourite viewings for you.

All our Internet-ing comes thanks to our pals at Orcon, and their super fast, and super easy to set up Internet!

Check out our current picks below…

If you haven’t already, watch ‘The OA’ on Netflix. I binge watched it in two days over Christmas and am already contemplating watching it again. And once you’ve watched it, watch the below video of one of the show’s creators Brit Marling reading her favourite fan theories:

Listen to Glass Animals’ album ‘How To Be A Human Being’. You won’t regret it. We just saw them live at Laneway Festival the other day and they are incredible - and the album is perfect for any activity, cleaning the house, walking your dog, etc.

Listen to Julia Michaels’ new single ‘Issues’ - she’s written hits for the likes of Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Gwen Stefani, Fifth Harmony, Kelly Clarkson (the list goes on), and ‘Issues’ is her first ever solo song.

With the recent release of The xx’s album ‘I See You’, we’ve been listening to it on repeat. We’ve also been encouraging everyone to do our quiz, which will tell you which song from the album is likely to be your fave. Click here to do the quiz.

Follow one of our favourite Instagram accounts The Coconut Goddess - where she posts ALL the vegan goodness, through recipes that look delicious, as well as being conscious of the world in which we live.

P.S. Orcon have a range of Internet plans to suit everyone, and their Ultra Fast Broadband plans mean you’ll never have to wait for Netflix to buffer again. AND if you sign up to a 24-month unlimited fibre plan, you also get a free Apple TV! Click here for more information.

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