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Tick Tock Taylor…

Taylor Swift’s website mysteriously turned into to a countdown clock, with the end date set as Friday, April 26th. The star’s Twitter and Instagram bios have also been updated with ‘4.26’ - clearly something is happening on that day.

Speculation is rife amongst fans - a new single? A whole album being dropped? Theories were first sparked by the below Instagram post - where it was guessed that the seven palm trees in the caption represented that her seventh album was on its way. There are also 61 stars in the sky - the same number as the amount of days between that post and April 26th.


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Swift previously addressed her fans, saying "I love your passion. I love your attention to detail. I love how much you care, when there's new music, you'll be the first to know." And, true to that statement, it has been her superfans who have been cracking out the theories to work out what exactly will arrive on April 26th. 

Stay tuned…