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What to watch: 'The Invitation'.

What to watch: 'The Invitation'.

Upcoming film 'The Invitation' takes you on a journey with Nathalie Emmanuel and Thomas Doherty at the helm. While mourning the loss of her mother, Evie discovers she has a long-lost cousin that has invited her to a lavish wedding in the English countryside. She is soon thrust into a game of survival as she uncovers the secrets and intentions of her family and its history. 

Don't miss 'The Invitation' in cinemas on August 25th. 

#1. Thomas Doherty and Nathalie Emmanuel take the lead with this film.

#2. The team behind 'The Invitation' all have a passion for horror.

On getting the chance to work in the horror genre, director Jessica M. Thompson shares: “I grew up on horror, on thrillers. They are sacred to me. I always wanted to make a horror movie told from a female perspective.”

Producer, Emile Gladstone also shares her love of horror: “My favourite horror movies have always subverted things that I found joyful. Jaws subverted the beach; Halloween subverted the peace and calm of suburbia; Friday the 13th subverted summer camp. I’ve always wanted to subvert romance, and specifically weddings, and we’re doing that with 'The Invitation'.”

#3. The film was created with a female-forward team of artists that brought the film to life. 

Thompson on the importance of working with a woman-led creative team behind the scenes: “Autumn Eakin was the cinematographer on my first film and we worked so well together – we have a real symbiotic relationship. We almost don’t have to communicate verbally; we understand exactly what we need out of a role, out of a character, out of design, out of the lighting, out of the camera moves. She’s my right-hand woman and she put her unique mark all over this film with the beautiful lighting and jewel tones. Felicity Abbott, our production designer, went above and beyond with incredible sets that really sell the fantasy and the nightmare. And Danielle Knox’s costumes are stunning. I gave her some creative proofs that I wasn’t sure we could accomplish, and somehow she did it – it looks wonderful. Nora Robertson, our hair and makeup designer, created such unique looks for all of our characters.”

#4. The theme of duality runs throughout the film and was intentional with the director's vision.

Thompson describes this very intentional choice throughout the film: “There are dualities throughout the whole film – nightmare and fantasy, prey and predator, upstairs and downstairs. So we’ve tried to capture that in the design, the lighting, the costumes, the performances. All of the sets have a duality, representing both the romance and the nightmare. On the surface, it’s this beautiful world but when you get closer, when you look at the finer details, you realise the horror. Evie’s bedroom, decorated in jewel tones, looks absolutely stunning; there’s a painting on the wall depicting beautiful birds. But then you realise they’re being stalked by weasels – they’re being hunted. You’ll see it in the wallpaper designs, the details on the chairs, the flowers, the food, everywhere.”

#5. The film will be playing exclusively in movie theatres so you'll have to see this one on the big-screen to experience all the horror and mystery! 

'The Invitation' will be released in New Zealand cinemas on August 25th. 

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