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The 1975 x Ladygunn Issue #13.

The 1975 x Ladygunn Issue #13.

Ladygunn magazine have released a neon-coloured The 1975 editorial, photographed by Spencer Kohn - lifted from their 'My Youth Is Your Youth' Issue #13, with Kehlani on the cover.

Matty Healy on the issues he addresses in his music: "The one thing I do know is that you have to give people the benefit of the doubt. I think people are intelligent. I care about the people who get the references. My fans get me, so they will get the music. Like, when I am talking about drugs, I am never glamorizing it. Whenever I talk about it I definitely have this disdain with my own behaviors and reference the values that keep me true and good. It’s partially a tool, what you’re referencing; taking bright sounds and matching them with morose topics. It works in everything, whether it be the color scheme of a garden or ideas and concepts. I definitely hide behind it, but am obviously aware of the celebratory tone matched with the words. The trickery and smoke and mirrors are my thing. We exaggerate it a lot on the record."

And on the setting he envisions people listening to The 1975’s new album: "I guess there isn’t really a place because it’s broad, but I love the idea of it bleeding into people’s lives. I am a proper music-phile, and the way it soundtracked my life had a romantic impact on me. I wanted my life to be a John Hughes movie, walking out of detention with that song playing. I really viewed the world that way, and now I do it as a job. I think about it a lot as our music being this antiquated soundtrack to your memory, like in the background of an argument between teenagers. That excites me, that it could be a part of the cultural fabric. It’s the idea of an idea that spreads and becomes the background for others—something deep and lasting in that way."

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