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Florence + The Machine x Rolling Stone magazine, May 2015.

Florence + The Machine x Rolling Stone magazine, May 2015.

In a new interview with 'Rolling Stone' magazine, Florence Welch reveals that she "had to face a lot of my own demons" while making the third Florence + The Machine album, 'How Big How Blue How Beautiful'.

On how she broke her foot at Coachella: "Well, I told everyone in the crowd to take their clothes off. We'd been doing that at our shows, and my guitarist had been giving me shit for not taking off my clothes. So I was like, "Fuck it, I've got to do it!" and started taking off my shirt. Then I was like, "I've got to get down [into the crowd], with everyone else who's getting naked." I just did a particularly hard, fast jump offstage, and I was just like, "Fuck!" I managed to jump back on the stage, and that's where my security guard found me, collapsed behind a speaker in a bra."

On her stage outfits: "Right now, it's been about simplifying. I think if you wear something, it kind of dictates how you perform. And so I think I wanted to make sure I felt as free as possible in the moment. I looked at Nick Cave, how he would just walk onstage in a suit. We've been looking at moving away from costumes. I like the idea of breaking down the boundaries between my real self and my stage self — to be as raw as possible."

On meeting Neil Young: "He's got such incredible energy. He said that when he first heard my record, he thought that I was a man with a high voice [laughs]. He was like, "I live in the mountains. I don't know much media. I just thought you were a man called Florence. And I was like, 'Hey, that's pretty punk.' " I was like, "Thanks, Neil. Thank you so much.""

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