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Listen: Cloves' new song 'Bringing The House Down'.

Listen: Cloves' new song 'Bringing The House Down'.

Australian artist Cloves has shared a new song, 'Bringing The House Down', which is the first single to be lifted from her forthcoming debut album due out in June (and produced by Ariel Rechtshaid!).

About her new song, Cloves says: "'Bringing the House Down’ is about being in a relationship that isn't giving you enough real emotion. Half the problem we had was we would never argue, there wasn't enough fire to force anything to happen. Everything about the relationship was placid and that was extremely frustrating and uncomfortable for me."

And producer Rechtshaid says: "When I was first introduced to CLOVES, I heard a demo of ‘Bringing The House Down’ and I was blown away; super classic voice and the ability for classic songwriting, yet the desire to push forward."

Watch the 'Bringing The House Down' music video below...

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