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Courtney Barnett covers Kev Carmody's 'Just For You'.

Courtney Barnett covers Kev Carmody's 'Just For You'.

Featuring her dog, Rosa, Courtney Barnett has shared a one-take video for her cover of Indigenous Australian singer-songwriter Kev Carmody's song, 'Just For You' - from a tribute album out August 21st, celebrating Carmody's work.

About the cover, Carmody says: "'Just for You', it’s virtually a love song that I’ve directed at everybody, for everybody… It’s trying to get right to the core to say even though we have our disagreements and stuff, I still love you all very much, and I love you as an individual very much. Courtney's presentation is so beautifully endearing and lifts my original to another plain. Her woman's presentation puts a whole new perspective on the original lyrics."
Watch the video for Barnett's cover below...

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