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Listen to Gengahr's debut live album.

Listen to Gengahr's debut live album.

One of our favourite live bands, Gengahr, have shared their debut live album, which was recorded during the band’s UK tour before heading into the studio to begin work on their latest record, 'Where Wildness Grows'.

‘Live’ tracklist:
1. Heroine
2. Mallory
3. I’ll Be Waiting
4. Bathed In Light
5. Carrion
6. Dizzy Ghosts
7. Before Sunrise
8. Pull Over Now
9. Fill My Gums With Blood
10. Burning Air
11. Where Wildness Grows
12. She’s A Witch
13. Embers
14. Powder

Frontman Felix Bushe says about the live album: "We recorded this live album just before we headed into the studio to start work on Where Wildness Grows. For the most part, it was the first time we were playing these songs live to our fans, and this meant they changed and developed as the dates went on - and what you’ll hear in these recordings is what informed the record itself. It’s also exciting for us to present them alongside the cuts from A Dream Outside, as the energy and love you all have when we play those songs means the world to us. Enjoy the record, and we look forward to seeing you over the summer."

Listen to the live album below...

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