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Must-listen: Lauren Jauregui's debut solo single 'Expectations'.

Must-listen: Lauren Jauregui's debut solo single 'Expectations'.

Lauren Jauregui has today dropped her highly anticipated debut solo single, 'Expectations', which sizzles with a powerful 'hell hath no fury like a women scorned' energy (nobody puts baby in the corner!), and which she describes as "an entrance into understanding my brain."

We recently talked to Jauregui about the song:

CDM: In ‘Expectations’, you touch on communication and respect. Do you think those are two of the most important things in any successful relationship?
Absolutely. <laughs> Absolutely! Communication and respect are the two number one qualities of a healthy, functioning relationship. And I can say that based off of every single relationship I've ever had in my life. When there's no communication, when there's no respect for the other person involved, you can't meet eye to eye. It's impossible. If you don't consider someone else your equal when you're speaking to them, or you don't consider them to be someone that you don't want to harm, like it doesn't bother you if you hurt them, that's automatically like-- I feel like this culture has no consideration for each other's feelings, because we're taught to be very hard on the external so that we can absorb all the harshness that the world gives us. Which is to be expected, I get why we've naturally gravitated towards doing that and not feeling, but I'm a Cancer and a Scorpio Moon! I'm super fucking emotional and sensitive and I feel so many things all the time, so I feel like delving into that and drawing from that, is more effective for me.

CDM: In 'Expectations' you sing: "I really wish that I could get it through your head / With no confrontation / Really wish we could talk about it instead." Why is honest communication so hard?
LAUREN: It's hard for us to say our real feelings out of fear that we'll be mocked or ridiculed or made to feel stupid. Or made to feel like it doesn't really matter. Because that's the most vulnerable shit in the world, when you open up your heart to somebody and they could give one fuck. <laughs> Or they couldn't even give one! That's the most painful shit ever. And that happens to people so often. They'll bare their soul and give their all to somebody who just doesn't reciprocate or respect the level of intensity that you gave. And that happened to me a lot growing up. I would give, give, give, give, give. And sometimes that's overbearing for the person you're giving to. Sometimes it's just a matter of communicating and letting each other know, 'This is what I need. And this is what makes me feel good. And I deserve to be happy too!' Both parties always deserve to be happy and feel fluid and feel like they're loved and safe. And so if that's not happening, you guys have to talk about it, because it's going to keep getting volatile progressively until it eventually explodes.

Read the full interview here.

Listen to 'Expectations' below...

P.S. Order a Lauren x CDM zine here!

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