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Review: Lush x Halloween 2017.

Review: Lush x Halloween 2017.

Lush have just launched their 2017 Halloween collection, and it's filled with all the new spooky essentials that you'll be needing this Halloween. There is something for everyone in the new collection and it's filled with just as many adorable products as you would hope. 

Lord Of Misrule - Bath Bomb

This brand new festive bath bomb is inspired and named after the ruler of the pagan Feast of Fools named Lord of Misrule. The bath bomb is made from a herbal blend of both patchouli and black pepper oil.

Ectoplasm - Jelly Bomb

The 'Ectoplasm' Jelly Bomb is probably the most interesting and intricate product of the 2017 Halloween collection. Since it is a jelly bomb, when put into the bath a layer of jelly will be let out into the water which is made out of seaweed that softens the skin and leaves your skin feeling smooth. The new product is definitely a must-have!

Goth Fairy - Sparkle Bar

Although it may look like a new soap, it is anything but! The brand new sparkle bar is used by gliding it onto the skin where you want to sparkle. It leaves behind a trail of light iridescent sparkles for a glowing look. While you sparkle yourself up, the product also moisturises and softens the skin.

Sparkly Pumpkin - Bubble Bar

You know that when something has 'sparkly' in the name, it's going to be good. Pumpkins are just about the most festive you can be for Halloween and Lush didn't disappoint with their selection of pumpkin-related items for the new collection! The 'Sparkly Pumpkin' bubble bar is super citrusy and full of sparkles. It leaves your skin feeling super soft and plump. 

Pink Pumpkin - Bubble Bar

This brand new bubblegum pink pumpkin bubble bar is just what you need to spice up your bath this Halloween. Bubble bars are a fan favourite for their many, many bubbles they leave you with and this 'Pink Pumpkin' is not one to disappoint in this category. Once used, the bath should be filled with pink shimmer and a heap of bubbles. 

Bewitched - Bubble Bar

This is a black cat that you'll be wanting to see this Halloween season with the berry scent and the many bubbles it leaves with leave you wanting more and more. 

Monsters Ball - Bath Bomb

A pink monster shaped bath bomb is something that everyone should be getting this Halloween season. The lime and neroli scent makes this bath bomb super unique and definitely a must-have. 

Pumpkin - Bath Bomb

This is my favourite bath bomb from the 2017 Halloween collection simply because of how cute it is. The bath bomb is also scented like pumpkin pie and is packed full of vanilla and cinnamon making it so suitable for the Halloween season!

Magic Wand - Soap

The new soap will leave you squeaky clean and wanting more. It's scented with a sweet and fruity perfume that you'll never want to put it down. The black outer layer of the soap is a detoxifying charcoal which is super good for your skin!

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