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Lush: Easter bonanza review.

Lush: Easter bonanza review.

Christmas, St. Patrick's Day, Mother’s Day - who doesn’t love a good excuse for everyone’s favourite bathtime companions Lush to come out with a new range of products? Their Easter line is the latest in the instalment of seasonal and festive bath bombs, shampoos, scrubs and moisturisers, and is available to purchase in stores now - be that for use on Easter (Sunday 21st April!) or to gobble through beforehand. We got our hands on some of the products to try, and here’s the best of what we discovered:

‘Free Ranger’ bath bomb:

This delightful number proves that the best things really do come in pairs; the top and bottom of this massive purple chicken separate so you can either use it on separate occasions, or double up to receive a super boost of cypress oil and blackcurrant. 

‘Golden Egg’ bath melt:

When dipping into the luxury of a soak, who doesn’t like to feel like they’re made of gold? Well, now you don’t have to imagine - this super glittery Brazilian-scented egg will leave your skin so smooth and golden even King Midas would be jealous.

‘Bunny Egg’ and ‘Stegosaurus Egg’ bath bombs:

Who doesn’t love a present? These egg bath bombs come with a surprise - a further, smaller, cute little bath-bomb inside them! They are available in either a chick, bunny, brontosaurus or stegosaurus shape (because nothing says ‘Easter’ like a dinosaur right?!).

‘Creme Egg’ bubble bar:

Lush bubble bars are ridiculously smooth - creating silky, thick and nourishing waters for the ultimate bath-time soak. The Creme Egg bubble bars are no different - smelling of mint, chocolate and Shea butter and shaped like a macaroon, they look almost good enough to eat!

‘Bunny Bomb Bomb’ bath bomb:

Another two piece bath bomb, you can choose to use either the bunny’s head or body to turn you water a shocking shade of pink. But that’s not where the surprises end either, for the insides are laced with popping candy!

‘Carrot’ naked shower oil:

This shower oil is designed to hydrate and moisturise skin after soap - packed full of vitamins A and E, it is also sulphate and palm-free, so really good for the environment too! It also smells super light and fresh.

‘Coco’ sugar scrub:

This rabbit shaped body scrub is almost too cute to snap apart - but you’re going to have to if you want to enjoy the benefits of its massaging qualities more than once! The coconut flour is sourced ethically from a community who are using the business to prove that coconut harvesting is more sustainable than the palm oil alternative.

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