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Review: M·A·C Cosmetics x Brant Brothers Collection.

Review: M·A·C Cosmetics x Brant Brothers Collection.

The Brant Brothers, Peter and Harry, have teamed up with M∙A∙C for this chic collection which includes products for face-sculpting, eyes, lips, and brows. The modern sleek glossy black collection of products for both men and women, featuring the classic duo’s signature in matte black on the packaging.

Us at Coup De Main were lucky to try out some of the products...

4 Pillars: Eye Shadow x4

This small compact of all eyeshadow colours that you would ever need is super pigmented and creamy. This eyeshadow quad enables you to be able to do so many versatile smokey or natural looks, and the small sleek packaging also makes touch-ups very easy and quick no matter where you are!

Tryphaena and Cleopatra: Pro Sculpting Crème Duo

This creamy face-sculpting duo is so great for highlighting and contouring, and is so easy to blend and sculpt to make your face super sculpted and glowing all at once.

Eye Kohl

This soft smooth pencil liner accentuates the eyes with a rich pigmented colour that leaves a pearly yet matte finish on your eyes. The slim tip allows a slim line while also leaving a pop of colour on your lids. 10/10.

The M·A·C x Brant Brothers Collection is available now at select authorized M·A·C locations.

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