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Review: Beach House - Sydney Opera House Concert Hall, February 2016.

Review: Beach House - Sydney Opera House Concert Hall, February 2016.

[All photos by: Prudence Upton]

There's something mystical about Beach House - and seeing them perform inside the Sydney Opera House's Concert Hall last night simply added to that mysticism.

The Baltimore duo, made up of Victoria LeGrand and Alex Scally, were accompanied by two other live band members assisting on drums and bass. Opening with 'Levitation' from their [one of two] 2015 albums 'Depression Cherry', the mood for the evening was set instantly, through Victoria's husky and hypnotic vocals.

Following 'Walk In The Park' (one of the highlights from the 'Teen Dream' album), the show really began during the lighting of 'PPP'. Although the stage was initially shrouded in darkness, with only the silhouettes of the band to be seen - during the chorus of 'PPP', the twinkly lights behind them appeared.

The lighting throughout the show was a spectacle, with three sheer sheets creating light effects that bounced off every corner of the Concert Hall. “I'm a woman of few words”, Victoria explained in between songs, however every lyric that came out of her that night was full of pure emotion.

Victoria brought out her guitar for newer song 'All Your Yeahs', highlighting her musicianship and talent, as she alternated between guitar, keys, and of course, vocals. 'Silver Soul' and '10 Mile Stereo' created a sense of nostalgia - but the songs from 'Teen Dream' (an album which is now 6 years old) were clearly well-loved and cherished by the audience.

With six album's worth of material to cover, Beach House did surprisingly well - playing songs from all of their albums except for the 2008 'Devotion'. The older songs had invigorated life into them, with 'Master of None' being one of the best songs performed from the night.

The musical chemistry that exists between Alex and Victoria has always been something evident on their albums, however it is made even more abundantly clear in their live show - with harmonies that sound like they're obvious, yet also sound entirely new. They've been working together as Beach House for over 10 years now, and have clearly perfected their collaborative style over those years.

'Beyond Love' featured an unforgettable guitar solo from Alex, and also led to some people getting out of their seats and dancing - something Victoria encouraged, saying “It's not an aeroplane, you don't have to be seated.” They closed the set with 'Sparks', the first single from 'Depression Cherry' - and the distinct guitar riff made Beach House sound the most shoe-gaze that they ever have before.

“We're going to play the first song we ever wrote, ever,” Victoria explained as they returned to the stage for a two-song encore, before launching into 'Saltwater', from their debut self-titled album. They ended their show with with a song from their latest album, 'Elegy To The Void'. Though an elegy is normally a sad poem written to remember the dead - they managed to leave the audience not with an overwhelming sense of sadness, but a sense of satisfaction and awe of the raw talent of Beach House.

Walk In The Park
All Your Yeahs
Silver Soul
Space Song
10 Mile Stereo
On The Sea
One Thing
Master Of None
Beyond Love

Elegy To The Void

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