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A Tyler, The Creator x 'Call Me If You Get Lost' appreciation post.

A Tyler, The Creator x 'Call Me If You Get Lost' appreciation post.

Tyler, The Creator's sixth studio album 'Call Me If You Get Lost' just dropped today, the follow-up to his Grammy award-winning 2019 album, 'Igor' - and is accompanied by new merch included in two different CD/poster/t-shirt box sets and two different cassette/poster/t-shirt box sets, in addition to a limited amount of à la carte CDs and cassettes available as well.

In the lead-up to the album, Tyler teased the title via billboards around the world that also pointed fans to call a mysterious hotline.

In honour of the release, we are currently celebrating... 

#1. Our favourite song on the album, which also has a self-directed video, under Tyler's alias Wolf Haley, which is absolutely necessary viewing.

+ 'Corso' and 'Juggernaut'...

#2. The illusive Frank Ocean recites a poem at the end of the song 'Lemonhead' and we couldn't be more excited to hear his voice again. 

#3. The album is stacked with more features and guest appearances from the likes of Pharrell, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Wayne, Ty Dolla $ign and Domo Genesis. 

And Jamie xx is credited as a co-producer on 'Rise!'.

#4. In the opening track of the album 'SIR BAUDELAIRE', Tyler introduces us to his character of Tyler Baudelaire. In a skit titled 'Brown Sugar Salmon' which was released two days prior to the album, the server refers to Tyler as "Sir Baudelaire". 

Sleuth fans also have some predictions that it may be connected to the Lemony Snicket 'A Series Of Unfortunate Events' book series.  

#5. Attached to the album, there is also a range of tees released in different colour ways released on the GOLF website - which you can check out here

And you can make your own version of the album cover:

Stream Tyler, The Creator's new album 'Call Me If You Get Lost' below:

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