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Our picks for 2018 Auckland Armageddon this weekend.

Our picks for 2018 Auckland Armageddon this weekend.

After Christchurch Armageddon taking place this June, we’ve got Auckland’s event up this weekend, taking place October 19th-22nd, with a stellar line-up of international film and television guests. In the final days leading up to the event, we’ve put together who you should be heading along to meet/see!

Check them out below (and click here to secure your tickets to Armageddon ASAP)…

#1. Christina Ricci

The OG goth, a.k.a. Wednesday Addams (from ‘The Addams Family’ will be visiting!). Take a moment to appreciate this photo of Ricci and a grumpy cat:


A post shared by Christina Ricci (@riccigrams) on

#2. Katie Leung

Leung starred in four out of the eight ‘Harry Potter’ films, as Potter’s first love interest Cho Chang! The Scottish actress has gone on to work in live theatre (‘Wild Swans’), and in 2014 was announced as one of BAFTA's Breakthrough Brits, a programme designed to support emerging British talent!

#3. Gregg Sulkin

Most recently you might recognise Sulkin from the TV show ‘Runaways’ (based on the Marvel Comics series), or you might have seen him in older projects like ‘Wizards Of Waverly Place’, ‘Faking It’, and ‘Pretty Little Liars’.

Watch him talk about his recent projects in a radio interview below…

#4. Shannen Doherty

If you watched the original ‘Charmed’ series, you’ll know Dohery from playing one of the three leads, Prue Halliwell (the middle one from the below photo!).

She also starred in the 1988 iconic film ‘Heathers’ as one of the Heathers, and had a cameo in the 2018 rendition.

#5. Openside

New Zealand band Openside will be taking to the stage at 1pm on each day at Armageddon, to celebrate their brand new comic ‘Character Flaws: Episode One’ and new single, ‘Character Flaws’.

Check out the band in comic-form below:

+ the music video for ‘Character Flaws’:

Tickets to Auckland Armageddon are available now - click here to purchase.

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