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Benee - 'Glitter' music video.

New Zealander Benee has brought her EP track ‘Glitter’ to life with an accompanying otherworldly music video, in which young Benee journeys into an space realm with a fuzzy monster for a pal - like a reimagined ’Adventure Time’.

About the creation of the video, director Steven Mertens says: “The process of coming up with a treatment flowed very easily, as I envisioned an animated dream world for BENEE to inhabit along with a monster sidekick and as many bizarre characters as I could cram into the span of three minutes. My goal with the video was to use many techniques to give it a unique feel. Our alien forest was created using a combination of live action, stop motion, CGI, photo collage, coloured pencil drawings, rear projections and amazing felt sculptures made by Jack Reed.”

Watch the ‘Glitter’ music video below…