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Listen: BENEE's new single 'Snail'.

Listen: BENEE's new single 'Snail'.

BENEE has followed up her recent release 'Night Garden' with a new song, 'Snail', in which she compares herself to her favourite shelled gastropod, singing in the chorus: "I’m like a snail, you’re a guy kinda mad; I can’t fly / When it's day hideaway but come out when it rains."

About the song, BENEE shares: "When we were in lockdown, I was fascinated by snails. There wasn’t really a lot to be doing, so I would spend a lot of time outside looking at snails and would think about how they’re doing their own little thing and they’re all free. I just played around with the idea of being kind of like a snail and how I come out in the rain. Being stuck inside because of COVID, it’s kind of my lockdown song."

Listen to 'Snail' below...

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