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Billie Eilish on the cover of Galore.

Billie Eilish on the cover of Galore.

Billie Eilish covers the latest issue of Galore magazine, as photographed by Jacqueline Kulla and styled by Samantha Burkhart, and interviewed by Chloë Grace Moretz for the cover-story.

On what she wants people to take away from her music: "I talk about wanting to get more out there in the world and that doesn’t mean fame at all because, fuck that, I never want more of that. But, what I mean is that I want to get more known by people so that they can “feel” me. Have a piece of art that they can keep as theirs and relate to and even “own” – almost more than I do. And if I am saying something that someone else feels and they didn’t even know that they felt that way, that’s what I want."

About her collab with Vince Staples: "It was really crazy because I have been a fan of his for years and seen three of his shows and he is amazing. He is on the song because I was asked if I could get any artist to be on that song, who would I want and I said him and somehow he said yes. I said him not even thinking it could possibly happen and it did. I have a lot of wishes for collaborating with other artists and I have, and hopefully those will come out soon."

Read the full interview here.

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